Documentary Photography Session

Memories happen in a variety of ways – why not capture these moments? 

This is an alternative to the typical “family portrait” session, designed as the best way to document your real life.  Designed for couples, families and friends – anyone can experience this unique offering.

Example sessions might include:

  • Saturday morning breakfast
  • The routine with your newborn
  • Making cookies
  • Ballet class
  • Teeth brushing, tuck-ins, and stories at bedtime
  • Snow angles and snow men
  • Swim lessons
  • Afternoon walking the dog
  • Picnic time
  • Any day….like a Tuesday!
Portrait Photography by Jane & Oliver
Portrait Photography by Jane Izard. Jane & Oliver

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We'll make it easy for you.  One photo shoot with us documenting your life, and you will have files for printing and for sharing.  Leave the editing, uploading, and processing to us.  Want more than one session? Let's talk about your life in photos for a year!

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